Hello! My name is Melissa. I created Treehome as a place to share inspiration for relaxation and calm. 

I love simplicity and I feel that simplifying your life is one of the best ways to destress. 

I think it’s important to ensure that your home and office are uncluttered and helps you feel present and at ease. 

My artworks are a reflection of minimalism and simplicity. I love simple drawings and black and white contrast.

I also love drawing nature, particularly plants.  Plants have such a calming presence and they are also proven to improve the quality of our air and reduce anxiety. 

With that said, looking after our mental health is such an important aspect of our wellbeing, which is why I also love quotes or sayings that help us to have a better perspective when we feel challenged. 

Thank you so much for visiting and feel free to contact me if you have any queries.    

And if you like, you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I regularly post my latest artworks on there. 

Warm regards