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Improving Your Life Through Energy Awareness

When improving our life, it is important to understand the type of energy we project and the energy around us. This is because energy has a significant link to the many outcomes in our life. For instance, if you are in a bad mood, which causes you to act negatively to others, this is likely going to cause unfavourable reactions from people as they respond to your negative presence. In other words, your bad mood projects a type of energy that is felt by others, which can affect them to also be in a bad mood. The outcome therefore could be an unpleasant day due to arguments or fights caused by the bad moods.

The more we can become aware of the type of energy within and around us, the better chance we have in managing it to improve our experience of life. For instance, if your bad mood is initiated by an incident such as spilling coffee on your clothes, but then you choose to not carry this mood into the rest of your day and focus on things that put you in a better mood, you give yourself a better opportunity for a good day.