How movement protects your mind and body

Regular movement is one of the main components to living a healthy lifestyle.

It is also essential for mental and physical health.

Compared to hundreds of years ago, where people were moving all day long due to physical work, many people don’t move as much these days, particularly people who work in office jobs. Sitting for long hours can cause many detrimental health issues, such as depression, obesity, cancer and back pain. 

Movement is like a form of medicine for the body. For instance, our lymphatic system relies on movement to do its job. This is important because through movement it is able to push lymph fluid through our vessels, which protects us by fighting off any diseases and infections. It also acts as a waste removal service by removing toxins from our system. It can only do this through breathing and movement as it doesn’t have an automatic pump like the heart in the arterial system.

If the lymphatic system has poor circulation this can cause the accumulation of toxins, which can lead to infections and diseases.

Movement or exercise also has a significant impact on the way we feel. Through physical activity our body produces endorphins which are feel-good hormones that relieve stress and boosts our happiness.

Movement is also a way to release tension in our muscles. For instance, stretching regularly, particularly after sitting for a long period of time helps the blood circulate to your muscles so that it can remove the accumulation of toxins.

Stretching also helps you be present and gives you a moment to unwind and take some slow, steady breaths to feel calm and focused.

Doing this in the morning and evening at the least will help prepare you for the day or for sleep.