Letting go of control

For many, the need for control over a situation or outcome can have a significant impact on our ability to relax.

Having a desire for things to work out a certain way can cause a lot of stress particularly when it doesn’t go to plan. People can worry about the future and think about all the scenarios that could occur.

The bottom line is, is that we simply don’t have ultimate control of situations and outcomes.

We can do all the things we believe are necessary for a particular situation to unfold, but the truth is, the result is out of our hands.

What we do have control of, is our thoughts and actions.

We can always choose to do our best with what we have and the time we have. Doing our best prevents us from feeling regret of not trying enough.

If we do our best, but get a result that wasn’t what we desired, know that that outcome was meant to be. Be comforted that you did what you felt needed to be done and that there was nothing else you could do.

Trust that the outcome has a greater purpose than you know, and often it brings better opportunities than you thought, especially if you allow and accept its presence.

Letting go of the control of needing something to go a certain way frees you from stress and allows the best opportunity to present itself, even if it’s not what you expected.