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5 reasons why what you focus on matters

Our focus is a way of directing energy on something and the more we focus on something, the more prominent it becomes.

Whether it’s through your actions, thoughts or words, you create the energy that they are. For instance, if you constantly talk about how grateful you are to have all the things that you have in life such as good friends, a home, family, the gifts you receive, your job, your health, food to eat, your beautiful garden etc, you create the energy of abundance rather than lack.

And if everyday you were focusing on what you have, you build that energy of abundance and bring more of it into your life as you remain focusing on your gratitude of having. What you focus on, you attract more of, it is that simple.

Knowing this can make dramatic differences in your life. Here are the following 5 reasons why it matters what you focus on.

1. It makes your dreams come to life

The dreams or the goals that you have and hope to experience one day can only come about once you focus on what it would be like to have that dream or goal achieved. If you focus on how sad you feel that you don’t have what it is that you want, you will remain not having that dream or goal because that is the energy that you are creating. You have to create the energy that aligns with bringing it into your life rather than keeping you apart from it.

2. It can make you healthier

The idea of your focus is to bring in things that make you feel happy and motivated to live your life. So if you are consciously focusing on feeling grateful, abundant and passionate you are also serving your wellbeing by feeling positive.

And when you are mentally well, your body thrives because it isn’t been stressed out by any negatives thoughts.

3. It gets rid of what you no longer want in your life

When you focus on something and it has all your attention, the energy of anything else is depleted. Therefore if there are situations around you that are having a negative impact on your life, one of the key things to do is stop thinking and talking about it. You have to starve off the energy you have been giving it and give that energy to something else that is more beneficial to you.

Once you do that, those negative situations will dissipate naturally and what you are instead focusing will become more prominent in your life.

4. It’s what can make or break you

The energy we give is also the energy we are. So if you are focusing on how wonderful something is, such as a friend. And you focus on how kind, generous, supportive, patient and inspirational they are, you are projecting the energy of love, peace and harmony.

This energy also becomes the energy of yourself because there’s no room to be anything else when all your attention is focused on seeing all the positives of something. And when you are in this state, it gives you more energy and vibrance to live and be a person of confidence, wellness and optimism.

However, if your focus is always on the negatives of things around you, you become those attributes and it can be a very heavy feeling, which makes you feel unmotivated, grumpy, tired and even depressed.

5. You have control in creating a more positive and enjoyable life.

Your focus has everything to do with how your life feels, which means you have control of how your life can be. If something out of your control happens that can make you feel sad or unhappy, you always have the option to focus on things that can ease those emotions and help you moved forward from that place of misery.

The quicker we help ourselves by refocusing to uplift our spirits the more we create positive experiences than negative ones, which in turn gives us a more enjoyable life.

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