Living the Dream is Simple

[restrict]“never overlook the power of simplicity”

It seems that the less we need to think about, the more relaxed we feel.  It makes sense, because the less things we deal with, the more space there is to enjoy life and be present.

Simplifying your life really is a way to create a dream life especially if you consider a dream life to be one where your days are mostly happy, relaxed and fulfilling.

Ways to simplify your life include only buying what you really need, focusing on a few tasks if not one task at a time and getting rid of things that are no longer used or needed.   

Living a simple life helps you breathe better. When you have a lot on your mind or think about the things that you think you must have in your life, it can cause you anxiety. When you stress, your breathing can become short and causes your body to feel tense and unwell.

When your mindset is clear, your mind becomes relaxed, you breathe with fullness and your body unwinds.  When you feel relaxed, you feel happy, and your perception of everything sees the positive and you find it easy to feel grateful. [/restrict]