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Instantly downloadable for self-printing and provided in sizes A4 and A3 PDF.

Many experiences in our life come from the attention we give to things and what we choose to allow in our environment and to do in our life. For instance, if there is a keen interest in travel, then putting pictures up of destinations that you would like to visit can have a powerful position in reminding you of this desire and therefore help you maintain a focus on making it happen. You have to allow your surroundings and lifestyle to welcome what you want, whether it’s through symbols, pictures or actions that reflect these dreams. However, if your surroundings or lifestyle does not provide a space for your dream to become a reality, then it will be a challenge for it to ever eventuate. Many things I have desired, I have actively made space for it. For instance, not long after clearing a room for a nursery to be made, I fell pregnant. Another example was reorganising the garage with the intention of a new car to be had, and not long after did that happen as well. Do things and surround yourself with objects that are aligned with what you want and that help you stay focused.

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Digital print of hand-drawn inspiration for the mindset. Simple minimalist artwork in a black and white sketch that is infused with peace and love to bring into your home or office.

Instant download for self-printing which saves time and reduces the impact on the environment that is caused by packaging and transport.

Provided in sizes A4 and A3.

A percent of this purchase is contributed to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Australia. This organisation uses donations and partners with other organisations to conserve natural habitats of endangered species and educates people about sustainability.


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