Relaxation Guidance

There’s no doubt that excessive stress causes all sorts of issues with our health, mentally and physically.

That’s why relaxing is important. It gives your health a chance to heal, recover and find balance.

Relaxation must be a priority in your life and it starts with you.

Relaxation is not just about mindset and positive thoughts, it’s also about taking care of your life as a whole.

Elements like the food we eat, the people we’re around, getting enough movement, the chemicals we absorb from the air, skincare and household products all have an impact on how we feel and function.

Toxins in the body can also make it harder for us to relax and feel well. That’s why we need to be aware of our lifestyle.

To help you with improving your ability to relax, check out my  Relaxation Wisdom book that details all the elements that have an impact on our ability to relax.