100 tips for a Healthier Mind, Body and Soul

[restrict]Choose only to be around positive and supportive people

Sleep 7 – 8 hours

Drink plenty of water

Go outside into nature everyday

Make your health a priority

Listen to meditative music

Stretch your muscles often

Connect with people

Begin your day with uplifting and supportive thoughts

Eat fruit and vegetables regularly

Help others in any way you can

Write down goals and make a plan to achieve them

Ask for help when you need it

Get an electric diffuser and vaporise essential oil

Clean you house often

Organise your working space

Take deep slow breathes

Find inspiration to motivate you

Spend time with animals

Swim in the ocean

Hug someone

Watch a funny movie

List the things that you are grateful for

Talk to friends

Use natural skin care products

Get a massage

Read a book on personal development

Learn something new often

Do a sport

Find something you enjoy doing and do it often

Get career advice

Turn your passions into a career

Drink herbal tea

Go for a drive in the countryside

Go hiking in nature

Travel overseas

Learn about different cultures

Try different foods

Go on an adventure

Do something spontaneous

Plan something special for a loved one

At night time, lay on the grass and watch the stars

Go for a swim at night

Go for a walk at night

Dance to music

Have indoor plants

Use a body brush

Spend time with family

Fill your fridge with organic, wholesome and nutritious food

Surround yourself with happy people

Dress up and go out to dinner

Practice martial arts or Tai Chi

Organise your finances

Set goals to save money to buy things you want

Go to a wellness retreat

Talk to older people about their life experiences

Take time to listen to your body

Have a bath with epsom salts

Get some healing crystals

Paint, draw or colour in pictures

Walk on the grass with bare feet

Use what you have to pursue dreams

Take time to smell roses in a garden

Give compliments to others

Live on less than you make

Watch less TV

Be more physically active


Practice self discipline to focus

Get rid of anything you don’t need or use

Get rid of clutter

Value your skills and share it with the world

Practice being aware of your present

Let go of trying to control others

Judge less

Complain less

Speak more of wellness and good news

Be a student of life

Share your experiences with others

Don’t force things to happen

Allow yourself to feel all emotions and let them go

Focus on the positive aspects that come from challenges

Be yourself

Accept responsibility for any mistakes you make

Forgive yourself

Focus on solutions rather than focusing on the problem

Trust that timing plays a part for the best outcome

Do things that show love and kindness towards the self

Live simply

Look after your energy

Listen to your intuition

Make decisions from a balanced mindset

Value all your life experiences

Take time to heal

Listen to advice but do what feels right for you

Learn from mistakes

Let go of the past

Show gratitude to everyone that helps you

Make the most of everyday

Be confident even when you don’t feel like it[/restrict]