Choosing your environment

[restrict]“Take charge of your environment”

What is around you, daily, monthly, yearly? What kind of people? What kind of music? What kind of view? What’s your home like? Cosy, comfortable and organised?

The answers to these questions reflect the kind of energy you live. And there’s no doubt that that energy influences your wellbeing. The aim is always balance, and the bottom line is that you should be living a life that feels great most of the time.

If this isn’t the case, then you may need to make some changes to your environment.

One of the most valuable pieces of information I was given about life was if you have one negative person and one positive person, the negative person will always bring down the positive person. From what I’ve seen and experienced, it is true.

Negativity is like a toxin, it infects and spreads. To be a positive person it is very challenging because fighting against the negativity is exhausting, which in its self becomes negative. Defending against it is also tiring and again becomes negative. The positive person is more likely to be successful by protecting themselves. They can do this by walking away and focusing only on what brings them happiness and peace.[/restrict]