Remembering what matters can save your life.

[restrict]“Focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t”     

It’s tragic when you hear of people getting so angry at things that have no real worth and end up hurting themselves and their life. Everyday is an opportunity to remember what we have and truly cherish. Taking that time to remember those things give us stability to deal with any other annoyances in life. It gives us perspective.  It helps us make a choice on how to respond or react.

Road rage is a common example of people losing their stability. It usually involves revenge or spitefulness if someone else’s driving offends them in some way. It is a risk to their life and others in the car especially when the negative emotion is driving.

Calmness is found in switching on the perspective button. Will this issue matter in years to come? If something happened that was unrepairable or irreplaceable, would it be worth it? Would the consequences be worth living with?

Having perspective can not only save you from painful lessons, it can also help you live life on a higher level of experience. Perspective gives you resilience to negativity and supports you in living a fulfilling life.

Choose what matters, always. Choose your family, your friends, your health, your happiness, your freedom, your life. [/restrict]