Steps to Clear your Conscience

[restrict]“The burden is never life, it’s what you’re thinking and believing about life

Clearing your conscience is like cleansing your energy. It frees you from troubled thoughts and feelings that feel like a burden. It also allows you to live healthier and happier.

Sometimes we may be unaware of thoughts or feelings that are causing us issues but it’s only until our physical body reflects sickness or our life appears with continuing issues that one may be prompted to change their actions and thoughts.

  1. Honesty: I think the most important step of this clearing process is to embody honesty, and with yourself especially. To think, feel and be honest is the key to understanding yourself. Honesty isn’t simply just saying what’s on your mind, it’s understanding why you are thinking what you think and seeing it objectively.   

This allows one to change and validate the causes of problems.

  • Acceptance: What is done is done. Once history becomes history, nothing can change the past. Hanging onto the thoughts that keep you in the past will only stop you living in the present. It will spoil your ability to feel happiness and joy. Therefore, take time to accept that the past will always be what it is as it is the best way to move forward.

And although the past has happened, with mistakes and all, we always have a choice to create a better history by using the lessons we learn into our future.

  • Treat your life, yourself and everyone and everything that crosses your path with respect and integrity. You can never regret being a person of peace. [/restrict]