Steps to Processing a Problem

[restrict]“aim for the solution”

When learning to ride a motorbike, one of the most important things they teach you when going through a turn, is to focus on where you want to go. By looking at the direction you want to go, you cause your body to shift its weight correctly to move the vehicle the same way.

It is common for accidents to happen when the rider focuses too much on the objects they are afraid to hit and consequently leads themselves to hit it.

In life generally, our focus leads us the same way. It’s only natural when we confront a challenge, that fear can kick in and we think of the worst. We react in way that causes more problems and brings us much stress.

However, training your mind to act differently is possible. When a problem arises, see it, acknowledge it, be aware of how you feel, and then make a decision to focus on the solution. So long as you keep your focus on finding a solution, a solution will appear.[/restrict]