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The Nervous Systems

art print titled ‘Within’

the body functions in certain ways to indicate if it’s doing ok

in other words, if it’s feeling relaxed or alternatively if it’s under attack

there are two main systems that relate to this, which are nervous systems that help us tick

one ignites our calm response, this is from the parasympathetic nervous system spot

the other one activates our stress response and is the sympathetic nervous system one

so when our calm response is in motion

our body is in balance and free from commotion

this means it’s happily doing chores, like digesting food, burning fat for fuel

and the heart is pumping slow and steady too

these things combined keep us well, so it’s the calm response that has us looking and feeling swell

on the other hand is the stress response, where our body is out of balance and some functions have stopped

like our digestive system, which is put on hold so that it can focus on running or fighting and being bold

our heart rate accelerates and the pupils dilate and adrenaline is pumped to make our muscles strong

and on top of this our body uses glucose instead of fat to run this urgent process in flat chat

now this is useful when we are in physical danger of being attacked, it gives us a chance to survive as a matter of fact

but with our modern busy world and stress easily felt

people are switching on this stress response regularly and causing issues to meld

because if the body is not in balance as often as it should

then the body is not getting what it needs to be healthy and feeling good

for instance, sicknesses can manifest in such places as the gut

as the digestive system hasn’t been working properly and it’s a bad thing to cut

issues such as irritable bowel syndrome can sadly be a result

and all because of the stress response being used too much as the fault

this is something to be extremely wary of when you feel you’re getting stressed

try and take a step back and get some needed rest

remind yourself that you are safe and that things you need to do can wait