The Importance of Having Intentions that are Pure

[restrict]“when your intentions are pure, so too will be your success”

Some of the things that make the journey of life challenging is our approach in getting the things we desire. Emotions like impatience, greed and fear can get in the way and effect the journey in a negative way.

I have found that coming from a place of love in all actions brings the opportunities and the things we desire in the best way possible. But when we feel we need to manipulate others, rush a situation, or act dishonest to achieve our goal, we set ourselves up for dealing with the consequences of those actions. Ultimately, we don’t receive what we desire in a clean way, therefore it doesn’t turn out to be what we want, or we get what we want but it doesn’t work out after a while.

This can apply to anything, material objects, jobs, relationships etc. The best way to monitor how you are approaching a situation is being aware of what is motivating your decision or next move. And then if you find it is a negative motivate then decide to let it go.

The more you live your life based on clean pure intentions, the more relaxed you will feel. You will also see how much better things will work out and you will attract more positive experiences. [/restrict]