The No.1 Advice for Relaxing Immediately.

[restrict]“You have everything you need to deal with stress”

Our mind is incredible. We can imagine whatever we like, and we have freedom and control of what we think. With our mind we can change the course of thoughts, which then can change how we feel and the actions we take.

We may not have control of most things in life, but we do have control of our thoughts. And this control gives you all the power you need to handle stress and relax.

“Leave everything at the door”

In martial arts we would arrive at the dojo, take off our shoes, put them on the shoe rack, approach the edge of the mat, bow and then walk onto the mats. Our trainer would remind us that when we left our shoes we were also leaving behind our worries, cares and the experiences of the day. This signaled to our mindset to walk into our training with focus and a clear mind.

Setting boundaries is useful because it helps us make the decision to focus. Football manager, Chris Wilder, at Northhampton Town FC shared how stressed he used to feel from dealing with injuries, losing players and checking in with their mental health. He also felt anxiety when reading or hearing the perspectives from social media outlets.  The stress was causing him to bring it home to his family.

Now he only discusses significant issues with his family and makes careful decisions about who he listens to or reads.

We can immediately make a choice to support our mindset. If you feel that not engaging with negative thoughts or circumstances will help, then do it. Make that choice. You are in control.

“99% of the time you are physically ok”

When you’re feeling stressed from thinking about what could happen in the future or what happened in the past, remember this: It’s not the circumstance that is causing you stress, it’s your thoughts about it. You are fine, you’re not being attacked, you are physically fine.

What ever thoughts you have about the future, there’s no telling whether what you’re thinking will happen. As for the thoughts about the past, the past is just that, it’s history and nothing can be done to change it.

As soon as you become aware of the thoughts that are causing you stress, remember that you are fine and find different thoughts to focus on. Train yourself to find positive thoughts.  You are in control of what you think, so change it.

The most important aspect to realise is that you have the ability to relax immediately because you are in control of your thoughts. Your mindset is your weapon.[/restrict]