The power behind words plus feeling

[restrict]“Create a life that feels good on the inside not one that just looks good on the outside”

Energy exists everywhere. We are all made up of energy as well as things around us. Energy can be felt when we hear music. We can feel whether it’s sad or happy. We can see the effect it has on people. We can feel energy when we walk into a room of seriousness or a room of happiness. We feel the energy and the energy can easily be absorbed.

We can create energy, any type of energy we choose. We create energy by our words, our feelings and actions. The most amazing thing is how it can influence our reality. It can change our state of being and attract situations or objects that relate to it.

When we express with words and emotion we project an energy. It can be negative or positive. It is so easy, and we do it without thinking. Most do it without being aware of how much it effects our life.

Experiments by Dr. Masaru Emoto of negative energy and positive energy was conducted on water. He found that words and thoughts could alter the structure of water. These structures were seen through frozen droplets of water. The water that was exposed to positive words formed structures that were beautifully shaped. The water that was exposed to negative words formed structures that were chaotic and fragmented.

Like the water, our life and wellbeing can be impacted by negative and positive words. When we listen to someone complaining, it is usually an unpleasant experience. And you may find yourself feeling heavy and tired, like a weight on your shoulders. When we listen to uplifting, happy stories we usually feel it too.

Energy can affect our health with our bodies just like that frozen water. Thinking negative thoughts and feeling stressed will cause your own energy to form unpleasant structures. This can cause sickness and dis-ease.

If the power of words and emotion is that powerful imagine how magnificent your life could be by constantly speaking and feelings words of positivity and love. Speak positive words to yourself and to others and see the difference it can make. [/restrict]