The power of purpose

Studies have found that people who feel they have a sense of purpose and a meaningful life, lived longer than those that didn’t.

Having a purpose can give a person direction and a feeling of worth.

From this perspective, this may reduce stress and therefore contribute to the longevity of a person’s life.

Having no purpose can be stressful because it can lead to a feeling of boredom, which can then lead to depression.

A purpose is something that requires our attention and needs our effort to achieve an outcome.

Having a purpose can make us feel useful and needed.

It gives us a sense of belonging in the world.

A purpose can keep us present and focused on the task at hand, which can help us feel grounded as it limits our ability to worry about the past or future.

One of the elements of a purpose that can stop us from feeling bored are the challenges that it may present.

Challenges often makes us grow, which also brings change.

Change helps with defeating boredom and creating a life with meaning.

If you think about the ocean, it constantly changes. The waves are always moving in different ways and the sand shifts endlessly. With it constantly moving, this also helps the water stay clean. In comparison, if you think about a pool of water that doesn’t have any movement or flow, you would eventually see it start to get dirty, breed bacteria and smell.

This is like the process of boredom, where the lack of movement and change starts to impact our life negatively.

This may be a reason why having a purpose can help us live longer, as the changes and growth that can be experienced brings meaning and fulfilment to our lives.