The Relaxation Tool We All Have

[restrict]“Sleep is the best mediation”     

The most stressful times of my life are one of the worst memories. I was dealing with a hurtful relationship that caused incredible pain. No matter what I was doing in my day, I was in constant grief. It was very stressful for my mindset and my overall health. However, the relief always came when I was asleep, I felt no pain and my whole body would rest. It was horrible to wake up because the feeling of reality would hit me suddenly. However, overtime I felt that sleep was the main activity that was the best medicine.

I felt it allowed me to rest from emotional pain. It helped my cells rejuvenate and my immunity heal. When your mind or body stresses, it impacts your immunity and weakens it, making you vulnerable to becoming run down and sick.

Sleep is a tool we all have, we can’t survive without it. It is your body’s sacred time to look after you and heal where it needs to. It’s easier for it to do so, because your powerful mind is in a mode which is not creating any thoughts or emotions that cause you stress.

When you sleep you, you let go. It is like shutting doors of a shopping centre at closing time. Your body is now in peace and free from your control. The cells of your body are like the cleaners in the shopping centre, free to empty the bins and polish the floors or like the sales people who are free to restock the shelves, count the money and have everything renewed and ready for the next day. 

It’s no wonder when you wake up that you feel better. If you are having a day that is particularly stressful, have an early night, see sleep as medicine. It is there for you to switch off and find peace. [/restrict]