The Secret to Living Relaxed and Happy

[restrict]“Live in the now”

There’s a time I will never forget when I was working as a lawyer. I was sitting in my office, shredding documents when the machine jammed. I lifted off the lid and the papers were terribly twisted in the blades. So, there I was, engrossed with detangling the paper and poking around the blades with a letter opener. I finally got all the paper out and once I finished and put the lid back on, I felt like I had been in another world. I was so focused on the pulling the paper out, that I was not thinking about anything else. It was like a mini vacation from the thoughts of what I needed to do next and how I was going to approach a legal situation. It felt Iike my brain had rested.

I was in the present. My focus was simply getting out the paper. It wasn’t stressful, it was relaxing. From this situation I realised the true impact of being present. There was a huge difference in the way I felt minutes ago from working as a lawyer to working on getting paper out of the machine. My body felt different. I felt rested and relaxed. I realised how significant it was to be present for my health and wellbeing.

Everyday isn’t the same. You never know what could happen that could cause you stress but being present in life helps a lot in relieving you. These days people multitask, and life is a lot more complex than ever. But being present detaches yourself from that.

Being present most of time is difficult for a lot of people. If you find it challenging, then take a break from where you are. Do something simple, easy and achievable. It could be anything from singing along to a song or vacuuming or colouring in pictures. The activity should be something easy to focus on.

You will find that once you finish this activity, it really will feel like you had a mental break. And that is good for you. It will also train yourself to focus and be present. It will help you let go of unnecessary and unhelpful scattered thoughts.

Practicing being present will help in allowing you to enjoy life as is. You will also find that you are more involved with every moment of your life and feel more satisfied with your days. [/restrict]