Thoughts that improve your mood

Feeling negative not only impacts your health but also your life.

Negativity can manifest into sicknesses, which can limit your ability to experience and do the things you want to do that make you happy and enable you to live a fulfilling life.

Negativity can also be the cause of drama and problems in your life, which also prevents you from living a better life.

Feeling negative is apart of life. Feelings such as anger, frustration, sadness and disappointment are all valid feelings and should be validated.

However, once they have been processed you have a choice to let them go and move forward.

It can be very difficult to let go and move on with life but there are simple ways to help with the process, such as expressing gratitude.


Gratitude is medicine for the heart and soul.

Gratitude helps you redirect your focus and shift your emotions to love and appreciation.

Starting your day with thoughts of gratitude is an incredible way to infuse your body with the energy of love and appreciation.

This is because as you begin your day feeling and being in a state of gratitude, you are in a better position to handle challenges gracefully than if you started your day feeling angry. With gratitude you assist your body and mind to relax.

It can soften the tension in your face and body and ease any pressure that you may feel in your chest.

Gratitude helps you feel calm and slows your breath to a steady pace.

Thinking about things that make you feel grateful shouldn’t be a difficult task. It could be as simple as having eyes to see.

Embrace how wonderful it is that you can wake up and see the sun and the blue sky, a loved one’s smile or roses in a vase.

Imagine what it would be like if sight was taken away from you. And then feel the flow of appreciation for your sight as you acknowledge the contrast.

And if there are things that you don’t have that you wished you did, instead of focusing on that lack, focus on what you do have to build the feeling of gratitude. For instance, you may not have sight, but what do you have? Perhaps hands to touch, legs to walk or someone who loves you.

There is always something that can make you feel grateful.

Gratitude is such a powerful energy and can transform your life in many amazing ways, particularly in helping you relax, because the more you focus on feeling grateful for what you have, the more you will lessen the power that negative emotions can have over you.

Another way to shift from negative emotions, particularly ones that cause you to stress and activate your stress response, is to ask yourself


in other words, are you in immediate danger? Do you have a knife to your body? Are you about to die?

The point is, is that if your life is not in immediate danger, then why are you activating your stress response?

Reminding yourself that you are safe is a way to shift your perspective of a situation that has stressed you and diffuse the power it can have over your body.

Changing your perspective can do wonders for minimising stress and helping you relax.